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Rocket Science (CD)

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Rocket Science
Reference on real rocket science and its applications in the hobby.

by Dave Ketchledge

CD book on two discs, PDF Format (text) plus executable files
920 pages
Over 500 photos and diagrams
ISBN 978-0-9707604-6-3
Price: $38.00 plus shipping

Disc One

•College-level treatment of the engineering principles behind real “Rocket Science”
•Application chapters on Payloads, Telemetry, Radio Control
•Discussion of many software applications available
•Design discussion on High Power Hobby Rocketry
•Survey of Regulations and Regulatory Organizations
•Discussion of technologies and projects on the cutting edge including a separate chapter on Reusable Launch Vehicles
•CD “Extras” include image files in their native format and over 1,200 pages of original source documents

Disc Two – “Orbiter,” a full featured flight simulator

Lots of books claim to be "rocket science" but this is the real deal. This massive work is the outgrowth of two of David Ketchledge's earlier works, an article on "Vertical Trajectory Systems" in the Tripoli journal, High Power Rocketry, and David's earlier book, The Next Shuttle.
In its 920 pages, Dave covers vehicle basics (nozzle thermodynamics, aerodynamics, structural strength), performance basics (flight mechanics, orbital mechanics, aerothermodynamics) and applications with an eye to the hobby (HP rocket design, guidance systems, payloads and telemetry, radio control).
He then devotes two chapters to current "cutting edge" vehicle development programs, and the latest research into Reusable Launch Vehicles (RLV). And if that's not enough, there are over 1,000 pages of source reference documents included!
To try your hand at piloting, a full featured flight simulator is included that will let you fly a variety of air and spacecraft on the Earth and around the Solar System.
This work is destined to become the standard reference for professionals and hobbyists alike.

Chapter 1 – Propulsion
Chapter 2 – Aerodynamics
Chapter 3 – Flight Mechanics
Chapter 4 – Guidance Design
Chapter 5 – Payloads and Telemetry
Chapter 6 – Structural Design
Chapter 7 – Radio Control
Chapter 8 – Software Applications
Chapter 9 – High Power Rocketry Design
Chapter 10 – Aerothermodynamics
Chapter 11 – Orbital Mechanics
Chapter 12 – Organizations and Regulations
Chapter 13 – On the Cutting Edge
Chapter 14 – Reusable Launch Vehicle Development
Chapter 15 – References: Internet Sources and Books

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