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New from Nw Ware - airbrush masks

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1 New from Nw Ware - airbrush masks le Sam 11 Oct 2014 - 21:30

New Ware is launching new airbrush masks line, especially related to other New Ware kits. Masks are cuttted and combined from 2 different materials: Oracal masking vinyl foil (for masks applied to flat surfaces) and Kabuki (for masks applied on complicated surfaces as corrugated sections on Saturn V, the same materiál is used for Tamiya masking tape). First of them are:
NWS092 1/144 R-7 special masks - for several R-7 kits from New Ware line of products
NWS111 1/144 R-7 basic masks - for the rest of New Ware R-7 kits
NWS127 1/144 Saturn V-Apollo masks for Airfix kit
NWS128 1/144 Saturn V-Skylab masks for Airfix kit
For more details please visit my homepage at http://mek.kosmo.cz/newware/index.htm#NWS092
I am looking forward for your orders.

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